So according to a silly little quiz I recently took, I’ve already met my soulmate. Not sure who that would be, but I guess I’ve met him somehow. Wonder where he went?

I’m not looking for very much, I don’t think. But I do have some criteria I now refuse to compromise.

  1. Must have a decent job, with a good future. You don’t need to be Bill Gates, but a job with some kind of a future would be nice! Haven’t dated anyone like that before.
  2. Must not be a virgin. I don’t want a man whore either, but come on! At this point in my life, I do not want to date a monk. At least know what you’re doing in the bedroom, or if not an expert, I’d really like someone I don’t have to teach and not someone who watches a lot of porn and wants to act it out.
  3. Must like all pets. I want to have a pet, and currently do have one. You must like them. Also, kids. I’d like kids eventually, so that would be good.
  4. Must be over age 35. I’ve always had a thing for men much older than me, but the oldest guy I ever dated was 30 while I was like 4 years younger. I’m thinking men over 35 (if they’re actually still single out there) would be more my speed.
  5. Athletic. I’ve said enough about my ex’s size. I don’t want someone who weighs over 100 pounds more than I do. It’s just not appealing to me now.

I’m waiting and wondering where this person who is my soulmate is. It would be really nice to get married, really quickly and spontaneously. And not waste years in a dead-end relationship, which has previously been my MO.


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