What Goes Around Comes Around

I truly hate the c-word which is about the most disgusting thing you can ever call a woman. There are only three times I have ever used the word, and one time was to describe a woman that I have written about before. Mostly because it was appropriate.

I would like to devote this post to bullying and my experience with it. Bullying is, of course, highly prevalent in society today but most people fail to consider that bullying can occur long after we graduate high school. Bullying also extends to the work place, which is where I experienced my first serious case of bullying. I would not say I was bullied in high school beyond the normal petty things, which every young girl probably goes through at some point.

I guess bullying in the workplace occurs because the mean girls and bullies we meet in schools grow up and head into the real world. Unfortunately, some never evolve beyond their high school persona. To me, bullying doesn’t just mean a physical act against another, it also means being mean and cruel.

As I said in my last post, I came across a bully at my last job. That bully is an ugly person inside and out, and defines the c-word to me in so many ways. She is a true embarrassment to any woman who is in business and just a disgusting human being. Her true colors for me were revealed in time, and I have cut that bully/c-word out of my life and will never associate with her again.

Sadly, I think bullying is rarely addressed in the workplace. It should be, though. My experience with this type of bullying occurred several times last year and was group bullying. I bought into that at first because I was hanging around with the bully I spoke about before: let’s call her Wannabe Kat Von D (WVD for short) since she went for a tattooed and pierced look except her tattoos were far uglier than Kat Von D has on her body, and looked like someone drew them with a Crayola marker. However, she didn’t have Kat Von D’s money, since her wardrobe probably came from a store called Cheap and Tacky.

She was someone who thought holding on to her youth meant dressing like a Bunny Ranch reject- she even wore a shirt that said “Whore” on it several times. Really, that tells you all you need to know about that c-word.

There was a girl that neither of us liked and WVD would feed me negative information about the other girl so I’d like her less. Lesson learned: if someone has no problem talking trash to you about someone else, they will have no problem speaking about you like that to others. Months later, WVD began to talk trash, and encourage others to follow her lead against another person. Unfortunately, I was now the one she was speaking about. I saw several negative things written about me on social media and I knew she was speaking about me behind my back when she wasn’t hiding behind a screen. She wasn’t even smart enough to pretend she wasn’t, although she clearly thought she was more intelligent and better than me in every way. (At least I’ve never been stupid enough to wear a shirt that said “whore” on it, and I own pants that probably cost more than her entire cheap and tacky wardrobe.)

WVD also said nasty things to my face. Calling me stupid and insinuating that I should check myself into a hospital for a mental and eating disorder (btw, I don’t have either of those perhaps she does) is not only unnecessary, it’s WRONG. Would it be okay for someone to speak to your daughter like that? I don’t think so. Therefore, it’s not okay for you to speak like that to someone else.

Because this person is a mother, I have to admit I do fear for her child. Her daughter will probably grow up to be an exact replica of her mother and become a bully/mean girl. Her daughter will probably also go around wearing a shirt that says “whore” on it- after all, mommy wears clothes like that to work, so of course it’s appropriate attire for any occasion. Considering the woman’s husband is also a drug addict it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if her kid ended up on drugs either.

Oh, and something Mrs. Trailer Trash said that REALLY makes me laugh was that I thought I could do whatever I want. Uh, clearly, I don’t think that. Because if I really thought I could do whatever I wanted she would have walked out of that room with a broken jaw and a bloody nose courtesy of my fist.

She underestimated my intelligence and thought I couldn’t see what she was doing though I’d seen the same vicious behavior from her when it was directed towards someone else. I knew exactly what she was doing and I was well aware that something was going to happen. She was someone who makes you think she has your back when all she’s looking to do is stab you in it.

And when something did happen, for all the sh*t she had to say behind my back about me, she just sat there smirking, not saying a word. In other words, being the punk she always was.

This kind of workplace bullying impacted me in so many ways. I hated being there, hated the negativity that was in the air, and, above all, I hated that I felt like I was back in high school. I was so tired of dealing with high school nonsense that I was at my breaking point. I gave up out of misery, and the fact that I did not get much support from anyone there. You need to be given respect in order to get it, and I didn’t have much respect for anyone there because of how I was treated.

Although I hated that I let someone as worthless as WVD get to me, I was actually quite happy to walk out of dysfunction junction. That place was full of people like WVD, which is probably why she fits in there so well. I don’t need to be around mean or cruel people who don’t give a crap about me, nor do I need to be made to feel like I’m back in high school in what was supposed to be a professional environment. (Ha. Least professional environment I had ever been in!) I graduated high school long ago, but apparently some people never get past high school mentally. I have also never worked in a place where so many people had criminal records. Guess that should tell you something about the company’s hiring process!

Obviously, I am not innocent of such behavior either. However, I know my faults and truly regret ever buying into that mob mentality even though it was the norm at that place. It’s truly humiliating to admit now that I was part of such a dynamic since I am not a bully or mean person, but sadly I became one in this case by following WVD. I’m a far better person than that and it will never happen again.

That’s not to say I did not also meet some good people at that awful place. However, of the people I met there, there are only three I really wish to keep in touch with. And ironically, none of those three are people that I was close with at the time.

Those are the people I’d rather be around today. Not bully WVD, who is about as far as she will ever get in life. Today, I could care less what that person thinks of me, nor do I really even care what becomes of her. I like to think bullies usually get what’s coming to them, but you never know. People like WVD forget: what goes around comes around!


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