Quick Answer

Be quick as you can. You have three seconds for each answer so you can truthfully put what comes to mind… You never know what your sub-consciousness may be telling you… Give it a try, remember: THREE seconds rule.

1. I need a cigarette: No.

2. Sex: Not right now, thanks

3. Relationships: I’m in one.

4. Your Last Ex: No comment.

5. Power: Power comes from within.

6. Marijuana: No, I did enough of that in college.

7. Crack: NO

8. Food: I’m good, thanks

9. This President: Please do something about the economy!

10. War: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing

11. Cars: I own a Mazda

12. Gas Prices: High, too high

13. Halloween: Is fun

14. Bon Jovi: some good songs

15. Religion: Not religious

16. MySpace: I don’t have that anymore. That’s still around?

17. Worst Fear: I’ve decided not to fear anything but fear itself

18. Marriage: Who knows if I’ll ever get married?

19. Fashion: I like it

20. Brunettes: I’m naturally one

21. Redheads: I’ve dyed my hair red

22: Work: okay, i guess.. verdict is still out on that one.

23: Pass the time: Doing this right now

24: Football: Love it

25: One night Stands: No, thanks, been there done that.

26: Pixie Stix: I’ve never had one, i don’t think…

27: Vanilla Ice: Ice, Ice Baby

28: Porta Potties: Gross

29: High school: I lived it, did it, had some fun, don’t want to go back.

30. Pajamas: wearing them now.

31. Wood: Knock, knock, knock on wood….

32. Surfers: HOT

33. Pictures: I like taking them.

34. First love: The biggest mistake of my life!!!!

35. Pregnant: Nope, on birth control.

36. Virginity: Lost about 8 years ago, I think.

37. Hair: short and straight

38. Vacation: I’d like one.

39. Height: short.

40. Bed: Going now.


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